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Shaun has worked in restaurants since he was 16. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in psychology he realized that his true passion was hospitality.

He worked his way up from kitchen staff and waiting tables at Oklahoma City institutions Applewood’s, The Ranch Steakhouse and Deep Fork Grill to participate in Kurt Fleischfresser’s esteemed chef apprenticeship program. At age 26, Shaun got his feet wet as a restaurant owner when he bought into cafe NOVA. It was there that he met HumanKind Hospitality partner Kim Dansereau, and the two opened their first restaurant, Picasso Café, in December 2009.

Shaun is proud of HumanKind’s incredibly inclusive environment, one which is centered on being a familial community hub versus just another restaurant group. As a leader, his strengths lie in business and concept development. He’s known for his decentralized management style and finding the right talent for the right roles.

Shaun and his wife Emily live in Nichols Hills with their children, Scout and Charlotte, and Goldendoodle, Ralphie.